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Building acoustics

Building acoustics is the study of how sound behaves within a structure. This includes acoustic isolation between places and how sound behaves within the room itself.

A building’s appearance, particularly once inside, is generally the first thing you’ll notice. However, you’ll quickly become aware of its acoustics, usually because they are terrible. By including an acoustic expert in your project, you could prevent building acoustic problems like a lack of privacy between hotel rooms, a very reverberant restaurant where the noise is uncomfortable, or being unable to sleep due to the noise of a nearby road.

Appropriate building acoustic design has been proven to increase primary school children's study accomplishment and aids hospital patients to recover faster. In addition, office productivity rises in tandem with employee satisfaction. And when it comes to concert halls, building acoustics can ensure fantastic acoustics to guarantee concertgoers’ enjoyment. Building acoustics is also essential in places you may not have considered, like private interview rooms and open-plan workplaces.

Room acoustics

Room acoustics play a crucial role in settings where speech intelligibility is key. In addition, musical clarity is also impacted by a room’s acoustics. However, millions of people embrace bad building acoustics as a normal part of life.

To prevent this, it’s imperative to consult building acoustics experts to incorporate acoustic treatments into a space in collaboration with the architect and design team.


Building acoustics is a vital consideration in any facility where acoustic isolation and seclusion between rooms are required for use, like residential, educational, and commercial environments.

Sound insulation can be controlled by optimising the specification of floor and wall partitions, matching their performance to the specific source you need to manage. The approach for low-frequency music, for example, is not the same as for mid-frequency speech. Again, collaboration with building acoustics experts and the rest of the construction team is necessary to provide the best solutions for each project.

Why choose Acoustech Consulting?

Architectural acoustics are crucial in various buildings like offices, hospitals, hotels, universities, airports, and sporting venues, to name a few.

Every building has an acoustic signature shaped by various physical parameters that impact the space’s intended function. This is where Acoustech Consulting shines. We treat building acoustics with the same importance as lighting, thermal comfort, indoor air quality.

Contact Acoustech Consulting today

Acoustech Consulting is an independent consulting firm that offers a wide range of services, including building acoustics and designing solutions that minimise noise disruption. If you want to learn more about our services, get in touch with our expert team today.

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