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Studio projects are of utmost importance to us. We understand that studios are expected to have a very high level of acoustic treatment and design, in order to deliver results that please even the ‘pickiest’ of professionally trained ears.

Whether it’s a music studio, radio studio or television studio, there are primary goals that acoustic treatment wants to achieve. We will go into more depth about exactly what type of acoustic treatment each type of studio requires under their specific headings, but it usually includes soundproofing, the isolation of exterior sound/noise and the elimination of reverberation and echo.

The physical weight of the technical equipment in studios also has a dramatic effect on the sound quality of the room. All in all, a studio should be an environment that induces creativity at a level above the rest. This is all possible with the correct acoustic treatment and design, ensuring that the professionals working in studios have a working space that they deserve.

Here are a few of the projects we have done, for more information see our drop down projects list!

YFM Studios

Jacaranda FM Nelspruit

The Refinery

Primedia: 94.7 Studio

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