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We are acoustic consultants that specialises in design, analysis and the control of sound. Our aim is to create sound spaces, inside and out and aesthetically pleasing for our clients.

If you need advice on acoustic matters please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs, however large or small your project.

We specialise in the following acoustic areas:

Building Acoustics

  • Architectural acoustics including design of schools, hospitals and residences to meet required standards.
  • Interior acoustic design.
  • Offices and commercial property acoustics  (Office and Facade Partition Design to ensure correct levels of privacy, mechanical noise specifications and mitigation design and internal room acoustics for Conference Rooms, A/V Rooms and Teleconferencing Rooms)
  • Performance spaces (Halls, Auditoriums, Stadiums)
  • Worship and ceremonial spaces.
  • Residential property (Multi-Story Dwellings and Hotels)
  • Educational and school acoustics
  • Healthcare and hospitals.
  • Call centres.
  • Acoustic modelling for complex spaces
  • Sound insulation issues including speech privacy and impact noise
  • Sound insulation measurements
  • Reverberation and Echo control
  • Noise control for building services.
  • Pre-completion acoustic testing
  • Green Star IEQ Design and Audits

Environmental Noise

(Use of SoundPlan Software where applicable)

  • Construction site noise monitoring.
  • Noise surveys.
  • Noise impact assessment for new developments.
  • Exterior soundscape design.
  • Environmental noise surveys and reporting
  • Engineered Noise Mitigation Designs
  • Control of noise emissions from building services to meet local Council requirements.
  • Noise mapping and acoustic modelling.
  • Event noise monitoring.

Acoustic Testing

We have a range of acoustic equipment and software including four type 1 SANAS Calibrated sound level meters, a tapping machine, a dodecahedron loudspeaker, sound insulation software and sound analysis software. We can perform the following:

  • Sound insulation testing – (ISO 140-5 Field Measurements)
  • Impact sound insulation testing – (ISO 140-7 Field Measurements)
  • Internal ambient noise measurements
  • Reverberation time testing
  • Environmental noise surveys
  • Noise at work assessment and surveys
  • Identifying the causes and sources of noise problems

Broadcast Studio Acoustics

  • Design of Broadcast Studios
  • Turnkey projects: design and build studios

Music Studio Acoustics

  • Design of Music Studios
  • Turnkey projects: design and build studios

Project Management



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