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An office environment has to induce performance and productivity. This has a lot to do with what you can hear – broken down into what you should hear, shouldn’t hear and need to hear.

Distraction due to noise is a no – no. We create an ambiance that is healthy for the brain of the employees that work in an office building as well as the general environment around them, by managing sounds and controlling noise. Whether it comes from machinery, for example generator noise, or your colleague next door, it needs to be managed. Not to mention that privacy is also a point of concern when it comes to the treatment of sound in an office building, something that must be protected.

The design process includes looking at different materials used in the office, as well as the layout of office furniture and objects. Wall, ceiling and floor coverings come in handy when masking sound for a desirable office environment.


We have worked on the following projects:

  • Atomic Energy Co-operation
  • BHP Billiton – 6 Hollard Street
  • Citibank Sandton
  • CSIR offices
  • Department of International Relations and Cooperation, New Head Office
  • Nedbank Newtown
  • Vodacom Head Office
  • World Bank, Johannesburg

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