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The acoustic treatment of a music studio has very specific, primary goals which include: preventing standing waves and interference from affecting the frequency response of recording in listening rooms, reducing model ringing in rooms that are small while lowering reverb time in larger rooms, absorbing and diffusing sound to avoid fluttering echoes, as well improving stereo-imaging, and lastly keeping sound from leaking into or out of the room.

All of this has to be done in order to control the sound quality within the room. It’s amazing how ‘muddy’ sounding rooms can be transformed into ‘tight and clear’ sounding rooms that are an absolute joy for music producers and artists. Minimizing ear fatigue is also right at the top of the list when treating music studios as long hours are spent on projects.

The turnkey studio projects that have been successfully completed are listed below:

Downtown Studios

  •           Studio Renovation
  •           Studio 1 and control room 1
  •           Studio 2 and control room 2


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