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People go to entertainment venues and cinemas for a very definite reason: experience. We want experiences that keep us, hold us and shake us for a moment in time, lost (or rather found) in a world of stimulation. Acoustics are crucial in obtaining the desired effect.

Our team makes sure you’re on the edge of your seat at entertainment venues by optimising the way noises and sounds (your overall acoustics) reveal themselves, creating a wholesome, often unforgettable experience.

In order for this to happen though, isolation of sound coming from these venues needs to be put in place so that we can really crank up the volume on the inside, in just the right way.

The treatment of acoustics in these spaces is diverse in its application, ensuring the satisfaction of all parties. Amplifying and directing the sound towards exactly where people are sitting also adds to the experience.


  • Boardwalk Casino, Conference Centre and Hotel
  • Michelangelo Hotel, Sandton – Night club
  • Narraville Centre Windhoek

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