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Audiovisual specialisations possess both sound and visual components. The stimulation of these two senses at the same time results in a memorable experience for an audience that is looking for more engaging entertainment. The acoustic treatment for audio-visual projects is similar to that of movie theatres and auditoriums, but mainly focuses on churches and live theatre productions.

These productions are usually extremely loud, so it is very important to eliminate ear-fatigue by cancelling echo flutter, standing waves and model ringing in the room. Audiovisual projects take place in rooms that are large and therefore reverb time has to be lowered as well.

These large rooms are set up in multi-channel surround speaker arrangements, in order to enlarge the surround sweet spot. This means that the surround-imaging needs to be crystal clear. Another important factor is the fact that the projector screen needs to be acoustically transparent because there is a speaker directly behind the screen or projection. Audiovisual projects are fulfilling for us because it gives us the opportunity to play with the treatment of visuals, which require computer-based equipment. We aren’t always focused only on what you hear! We live in a world that is more visually literate than sound literate, so visuals deserve treatment, too.

Cinemas – Audiovisual systems designs

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Cape Town  Unicity Council Chamber, Cape Town Civic Centre

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