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Welcome to the World of Acoustics

Does space have sound? And if the answer is yes, then what does space sound like? It’s an interesting thought, right? And I’m sure you are picking up that the answer is not “nothing.” Different spaces have different sounds. Think of these sounds in the forms of different ambiances, atmospheres and characteristics. Often external sound has to occur in order for us to hear the sound of a space, but nevertheless, spaces have sounds.

We like to call it a space’s Acoustic Signature.

But why is this so important to us? And without you knowing yet, you? It is all connected to the way people feel, as spaces have certain associations. Associations, that usually come about naturally because of the specific space’s setting, as well as what takes place there.

Acoustic treatment can be used to shape, add or subtract sound, depending on the desired effect and result. Some spaces need amplification in order to evoke and sustain more of a certain feeling and create a certain sound, while other spaces need to be able to absorb harsh sounds that are undesirable. In the end, it’s all about creating spaces that treat specific sounds in the best possible way, making them pleasant and desirable for their relevant purpose. Imagine the disappointment of going to a movie cinema that didn’t shake during an epic explosion in the film.

Cinemas need to amplify sound in order for us to get the full experience of the movie. Then again, the containment of annoying sounds in a cinema is imperative. The way these sounds are treated is what allows them to travel, vibrate and to either be heard or not. There’s a science behind what you hear. It’s an exciting and very important science, because the world is a better place when things sound like they should. This is what Acoustech is all about!

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